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About 16 Ellicott Bar and Grill.

16 Ellicott Bar and Grill was formerly known as Rafferty's, Ellicott Manor and Doctor FealGoods. After a rebuild in 2023, David (Super Dave) Hastreiter opened the doors on September 11 and welcomed in family and friends for the intial opening. With more TV's for watching of the games, the expansion of the bar area, the addition of the fireplaces and the remodeling of the back room, those in attendence were impressed. 

The new look and bar had been a dream of David's for over 10 years. When the opportunity arose for him to make his dream come true, he reached out to the now former owners and began the negotiations. Once David had received the keys, numerous people came down to show there support and help with the painting, removal of walls, putting in new flooring and squaring the place away. There were many times that David looked around the debris and thought to himself that the place would not be opened in time. At that point, even more people showed up to show their support. Driving this nail, painting that wall, finshing projects, moving the furniture to where it belonged. Then the new pool table came in, the new dart board arrived, the new sound system and the jukebox was set up. The new menu with 40 plus items was printed, the kitchen was completed, the food arrived, the beer and liquor was brought in by the distributors. Everything came together in a whirlwind. The doors officially opened on September 11, 2023 and David's dream that he had only seen in his mind was now a reality.

Now 16 Ellicott welcomes its patrons with open arms each and every day. The menu has changed a bit, but the core foods are still  there. The best Beef on Weck in WNY is served. Wings, with multiple sauce choices many of which are made right in the restaurant. The beer cheese soup has taken on such a following that it has now been added to the main menu. The food is great, the prices are very reasonable and it's almost inpossible to beat the beer prices and drink specials here. 

!6 Ellicott is a pure hidden gem, the address is 16 Ellicott Pl, Depew NY, but you have to go around the corner to the entrance on Hinchey Ave. Walk in the front door and look around. The place is full of family anf friends where everyone is welcome. Sit down and fit right in. Challenge yourself, while sitting there, to talk amongst the people and not run into someone who didn't help with the rebuild of the bar/restaurant and the physical creation of David's dream - 16 Ellicott Bar and Grill. 

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